Republicans Are Sexy, Health Care Is Not.

Or, they can take a second path. What is other Republican option? Get out of the way. Stop fighting reform that will benefit all Americans and that most want to see happen. Let a real, usable public option be passed. Or better yet, an extension of Medicare that allows anyone who wants to the chance to buy into it. Either way, legislation could move ahead.

Though there are many fast food restaurants that get the attention like McDonald’s and Burger king it really comes down to the person’s choices at any fast food restaurant. When you go into a McDonald’s you will probably not be surprised that a Big Mac is high in calories or even a Whopper at Burger king. The calories in Big Mac are about 576 while for the Whopper the calorie count is 670. What can be more surprising are that certain chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches and even salads can top the list of high fast food calories.

This time please do not be fooled by the insurance companies. They fooled the American people into being against the Clinton health care reform plan in the ’90s and they plan on doing the same today to derail Obama’s plan.

Note that i said conservatives, and not just Republicans. If all the conservative or “Blue Dog” Democrats stop objections, the Republicans would be a non-issue. Given the way they are self-destructing, that may be a foregone conclusion anyway. Time will tell.

The government will make decisions about your health care. Right now, someone in a health insurance company is making decisions about your care. This person is paid to find ways not to spend money on you. This person, who is usually a doctor, makes bonuses for denying coverage for services. Health insurance companies make a lot of money. They do this by collecting premiums and paying out as little as they can manage. Shutting them down would save Americans trillions of dollars. Administrative costs consume thirty cents of every health care dollar. If you didn’t have to pay for the person whose job it is to try to deny your claim, and you didn’t have to pay for the medical clerks who file your claims, you might actually get to spend some money on your health care.

I will not look down on anyone that read this post and not notice the issues that I am banging my head into a wall about. I understand that there are many people that would not have the keen eye that I have for picking out issues like this. I understand, now, that CAUSA, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition, that they obviously must not have the keen eye that I do for picking out issues in reporting about the passing of the House health care bill.

Different researchers have examined different aspect of Medicare costs but all of them peg the growth in to be at least 7 times higher than projected. Remember that the next time someone in government tells you how much Universal health care will cost in 10 years.

If we are indeed a banana republic, then a company (or a person for that matter) can arrive laden with coins, bestow them on someone hungry for coins, and the donor can then expect to have his will be done by the recipient of those coins. In short, if we are a banana republic, then the money filling political coffers is not donations, it is bribes. In such a system, if Mr. Obama took their money, he owes them. Are we a banana republic? Does he “owe” his donors? Is it tit for tat in American politics after all?

Kentucky Health Insurance Keeping Health Care Costs Down

Many of you will look upon me as somebody who is “taking advantage” of our system. Many of you will have the unfortunate mindset that if I am are getting something for free, I must be taking it directly from you. Please be assured that i paid into the system for years and that i too wish I had made a decent income all these years. Sadly I did not.

So what finally made Obama toss the nicotine sticks? His daughters, of course! He wanted to be able to tell Malia and Sasha Obama that their papa was sans cigarettes.

If we conclude that the donations from the health care industry to Mr. Obama were not gifts, but bribes, then we are a banana republic. And if we are, then perhaps we had better rename the nation, something other than the United States of America, which implies a certain amount of ethical conduct, a willingness on the part of the inhabitants to be united, and not subjugated by a greedy despot. (I know, we had that for eight years. But we voted him out, or at least I think we did.) So, anyway, if we do need to change our name to fit the status of banana republic, perhaps we could call our nation Columbia, an historically adequate name if a little close to the name of an existing banana republic. Or maybe Christophoraguay.or Vespucciana.or Hudsonia.

That statement is a fact. At a time where our economy continues to sink and his policies are a main force behind the sinking, Obama continues to suffer from ADHD. Remember the old adage: “Its the economy stupid?” This should be Obama’s only concern in 2009.

Maybe that is what is needed, more accountability by companies, and government to the general public not just the stockholders and lobbyists. Or does it even matter, are ethics and morals obsolete?

The 60 vote cloture rule is a good check on extremism. It can’t be used for budget reconciliation because you need a budget. But Obamacare is not budget reconciliation. Even though you have the stronger team and the lead, you can’t change rules in mid-game and keep the fans. Let’s hope the Dems realize that or if they don’t, we may not need to worry about 60 Dem votes for too long.

health care reform is now teetering on the edge of total collapse. President Obama is already talking about trimming the plan way back to cover areas that both parties agree on. This means that at best we will see some weak plan that solves little or nothing. Alternatively, the entire bill may just collapse under its own immense weight and fall apart completely.

My mind spun in circles. When did everything become so out of control? In 1969, though I had no insurance, I gave birth to a daughter. The hospital bill was 0 and the doctor bill cost 0. That 0 was my entire life savings, but my baby’s father, even though I was married to him, had no money going into the marriage, so we used mine. It was a financial loss, but it was necessary and it didn’t decimate me.

The Ethics Of Health Care Reform

They have changed signs, phone messages, schools and school books and anything else they could, to be in Spanish. I fought for my job last year, because of illegals at HR Block, coming in for their ITIN’S, and the need to be proficient in Spanish. It has become a normal thing to be required to speak Spanish on the job. Did we have to learn Vietnamese or Italian or any other language to accommodate other people who migrated to the U.S.? No! I haven’t seen one printed item that had those languages added to the English version, except some instructions.

But raising children on ,000 a year was most of the time difficult and oftentimes impossible. I found myself borrowing money from one credit card to pay the monthly fee on another credit card, and, when electricity, gas, water, and all of the other housing expenses, including insurance, far exceeded my income, which they generally did, I had to use credit cards to pay for the kids’ ever-growing clothing needs and for food.

The 60 vote cloture rule is a good check on extremism. It can’t be used for budget reconciliation because you need a budget. But Obamacare is not budget reconciliation. Even though you have the stronger team and the lead, you can’t change rules in mid-game and keep the fans. Let’s hope the Dems realize that or if they don’t, we may not need to worry about 60 Dem votes for too long.

And you can never go wrong when you speak about the well-being of our children. However, Obama fails to mention that he is the soul responsible for putting a burden upon our children and future grandchildren.

It’s like magazine subscriptions. If you’re conservative you read the national Review or American Spectator. If you’re liberal you read The nation or Mother Jones.

health care reform is a tough call. We either have to make a plan to send them all home, which won’t happen ever, or we have to figure out how to keep them healthy. Which would mean letting them have access to health options. What are we going to do, take buses around to their houses, load them up and drive them back to Mexico? No! It ain’t gonna happen, people!

But the only point I wanted to make was the notion that somehow just by having a public option you have the entire private marketplace destroyed is just not borne out by the facts. And in fact, right now you’ve got a lot of private companies who do very well competing against the government. Ups and FedEx are doing a lot better than the post office. (Applause.) No, they are. And so — but the larger point I want to make — and it’s good to see a young person who’s very engaged and confident challenging the President to an Oxford-style debate, I think this is good. (Applause.) You know, the — this is good. You know, I like that. You got to have a little chutzpah, you know.

Health Care Reform: Read Before Screaming

Socialism and social justice are two entirely different matters. The new health care proposals are not certain to to turn the United states of america into a socialistic country. Our property will not be taken from us if our daughter receives affordable health care. The government will not confiscate our belongings if our father gets treated for a pre-existing condition.

By 2009, PROFIT and POLITICS had become more important than People. Who really cares about the health of a nation when people take a back seat to politics and profit?

Some employers chose not to cover Mileptrx as a part of their prescription drug plan. Because it is a separate class of drug, the employer who sponsors employees’ health insurance may opt out of coverage for religious or social reasons.

Because he’s not thinking about shooting people. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even remembers shooting a 9-year-old. He just remembers the glory of the gun battle and making his point. The media play into this is that by doing this he knows the media will make him famous. John Wilkes Booth knew that night that he’d be the most famous man in america the next day.

In my opinion, we are not (yet) a banana republic. Ethically, then, no matter whose money Mr. Obama took for what reason, Mr. Obama is free to act as he sees fit in the best interests of the nation as a whole, not of the donor in particular. If the money was a gift.and perhaps that’s a question we should be asking all those big donors, and not just health care.

If you are upset about the health care reform bill please get a copy of it and read through. This will answer your questions with fact rather than fear mongering and lies.

Now, in fairness, we probably could not construct a system in which you could see any doctor anywhere in the world anytime, regardless of expense. That would be a hard system to set up. So if you live in Maine, you know, we’re going to fly you into California, put you up. I mean, you can see — and I’m not trying to make light of it — you can just see the difficulty.