Legal Agreements

Over the past decade I’ve gained a lot of weight but toward the end I’ve managed to lose quite a bit. This getting old can be a pain as your body doesn’t want to do what your mind plans to. The metabolism slows down plus I’ve had a hysterectomy which knocked the hormones and cholesterol all out of whack. Just meaning I have to be more aware of what I am eating and getting more exercise. Maybe I will get a Wii and learn to beat the grandchildren and get exercise at the same time.

Senator B: My party has offered many great ideas that will make for more meaningful reform and not push the country to the brink of a Chinese take-over.

All we’re trying to do is to make sure that those decisions that are being made in the private marketplace aren’t discriminating against people because they’re already sick; that they are making sure that people get a good deal from the health care dollars that they are spending.

I’m just saying we have to look deeper. But if you want to see where a 22-year-old is getting his ideas, you look to the internet, not cable tv or Rush Limbaugh.

The rising cost of health care is something that is ignored by politicians who for the most part are bought and paid for by the for profit health insurance companies, who have spent millions in their effort to kill health care reform in America.