Ruminations On The New Fed Chairman, Nuclear Weapons And Health Care

The 60 vote cloture rule is a good check on extremism. It can’t be used for budget reconciliation because you need a budget. But Obamacare is not budget reconciliation. Even though you have the stronger team and the lead, you can’t change rules in mid-game and keep the fans. Let’s hope the Dems realize that or if they don’t, we may not need to worry about 60 Dem votes for too long.

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett is well known in law enforcement circles. A hostage negotiator for 17 years, he’s the one who got confessions from the first World Trade Center bomber, the D-C sniper, the cia shooter and on and on. He’s worked so many big murder case in the last 15 years that it earned him the nickname as Dr. Death. His experience tells him what?

Or, they can take a second path. What is other Republican option? Get out of the way. Stop fighting reform that will benefit all Americans and that most want to see happen. Let a real, usable public option be passed. Or better yet, an extension of Medicare that allows anyone who wants to the chance to buy into it. Either way, legislation could move ahead.

So enough with the doom and gloom, is there a solution? The simple answer is the solutions are numerous and most involve sacrifice. Solutions like earning more on your investment assets, forgoing emergency room visits except in real emergencies, better diet, more exercise, higher taxes, substantially lower benefits, and so on, and so on.

But the problem actually is not that — you know, the extraordinary steps that we’ve taken over these last one or two years. The real problem is much longer. Even if we had had no fiscal crisis whatsoever, we have a structural deficit. We’re spending more money than we are taking in. We’ve been doing it for the last eight years. When we passed the prescription drug benefit for Medicare, by a Republican Congress, they didn’t pay for it. They didn’t want to raise taxes, but they wanted to get the benefit. That just was red ink. That just went into our structural deficit.

People like me die every day because we don’t want to burden our families with financial destitution. People like me die every day because we live in a country that cares more about its politics than its people. If we could step back from the politics and recognize that the health of a nation is determined by the people who live in our country, we might care more about the people who are dying at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical and insurance companies. We might back the reformers of health care. Sick citizens do not make for healthy countries.

We’ve elected our first African American president who has been in office about a year now. The polls are already judging him and dropping by his accomplishments of that first year. As usual we expect everything to be fixed by now but it took awhile for our country to become this way. He was slow on his judgment of sending more to war but pushing so quickly to get this health care reform through. The health care reform – personally I could wait on. They are pushing too fast. I feel this needs more time for thought and work.

This has also been largely ignored by the so called “main stream media”, which is corporate owned. Also ignored is the fact that the number of poor closely mirrors the number of uninsured in america.