Calorie Counting A Rquirement In The Health Care Bill

In an excellent piece on Media Matters, entitled “No Excuses; Why the TV nets must carry Obama’s press conference this week,” Eric Boehlert explains in no uncertain terms why it’s vital for the American people to hear from their president (on airwaves which belong to the public), and he destroys the networks’ major complaint (not just Fox), that Obama holds too many press conferences and is cutting into their valuable advertising revenue. Among other points, Boehlert reminds the networks that Obama’s press conference might actually provide them with a viewing boost, since ratings this summer have been the lowest in the history of broadcast television (Boehlert’s column is too long for me to recap here but I strongly encourage you to read the whole piece).

It is interesting therefore that left-wing bloggers and such (I cover the spectrum on Facebook) are now openly talking about going without Republican support, even without some Democratic support, as the openly talk of using reconciliation to avoid the oft-misunderstood 60 vote requirement. See Goose or gander? The 60 votes. But basically, the 60 votes are a Senate rule for cutting off debate, nothing more, nothing less. If they want it bad enough, they can pass it with 50 plus Biden.

First, I want everybody to understand the source of our deficit, because if you don’t understand that, then my argument won’t make sense. When I walked into the White House, I had gift-wrapped, waiting for me at the door a .3 trillion deficit — .3 trillion. Now, I say that — (applause) — I just want to — I just want to — I just want to — I say that — this was not — and this is not, by the way, entirely the previous administration’s fault. The financial crisis was so bad that revenues plummeted and all this money was spent in making sure that the banking system did not completely collapse. So all the actions that have been taken — the bank bailout, the auto bailout, all that stuff — that did spike the deficit.

health care reform is not a Republican problem. It is not a Democrat problem. It is not a conservative problem or a liberal problem. Health care reform is a moral issue. People are dying because they cannot afford to stay alive.

A country that allows its citizens to die because they cannot afford health insurance, a country that places politics and profit above the importance of people is a country whose character has been marred by moral corruption. I could have been your mother, your sister, your daughter, or your friend. Would you have cared then? Would you have paid for my medical treatments? And if you had, would I have allowed you to lose everything you owned just so I could live?

Recently, the cable companies did a survey. The cable outlets are scared; they’re trying to hold onto people because it’s becoming more common to watch tv on the internet through things like Hulu, or (if the cable company’s lucky), on TiVo. Cable costs money; Hulu is free, so viewers –younger viewers– are cutting the cord to TV –either regular, cable or satellite.

I took care of myself too. But despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one day, after my children had grown, I discovered a lump in my breast. Every day it grew noticeably larger. I couldn’t have known, but i suspected, that i was dealing with an aggressive form of breast cancer.