The Many Benefits Of Health Care Reform

They have changed signs, phone messages, schools and school books and anything else they could, to be in Spanish. I fought for my job last year, because of illegals at HR Block, coming in for their ITIN’S, and the need to be proficient in Spanish. It has become a normal thing to be required to speak Spanish on the job. Did we have to learn Vietnamese or Italian or any other language to accommodate other people who migrated to the U.S.? No! I haven’t seen one printed item that had those languages added to the English version, except some instructions.

In all honesty, though it pains me to say this in writing, if those programs had not been made available to me, or if i had had lung or some other form of cancer not covered in the available programs, I would not have burdened my family with the financial responsibility of caring for me. They would never have known, unless perhaps they decided to have an autopsy performed, why I died so suddenly.

When Barack obama told us passing his 7 billion stimulus bill would ensure unemployment would never rise above 7.8% and that by 2010 the economy would employ 138.6 million jobs, he was either lying or recklessly uninformed. Nothing in the stimulus bill could guarantee that claim. Keynsian policies never have and never will create jobs but even if the policies did work, the claim was simply unsupportable. It was what is called an expedient lie. Like many we have heard over the past months.

I don’t believe the Government is going to do anything. President Obama or whoever is sitting up there is not going to lift a finger to make these people leave. They say it is impossible to know where all of the illegals are, yet HR Block and other tax offices, handle thousands of ITIN’s each year. An ITIN is an identifying process for illegals that lets them work, file taxes and get a refund back. We sent those checks to local addresses, that are a part of a permanent record. We can’t find them? The irs did!

Most brokers have an underwriting guide for each carrier they represent. If a client has a medical condition they can verify if the carrier is going to increase your premium or deny coverage. This can save you a lot of time filling out an application for a plan you might not qualify for.

Michael R. Blood, Associated Press Political Writer, has written an article titled, “Primaries from Calif to SC measure voter anger.” It should state “will measure voters’ anger” because nothing is known yet. What is going to happen on Tuesday is some questions will be answered. What type and how much political clout does the Tea Party movement really have? Have we been paying too much attention to them or not enough? Are incumbents going to pay a price for ramming the health care reform down our throats?

This has also been largely ignored by the so called “main stream media”, which is corporate owned. Also ignored is the fact that the number of poor closely mirrors the number of uninsured in america.

Senator B: The President is an ideologue who is bent on imposing his views on the America people. Calling the summit is really is a futile effort to give a semblance of bi-partisanship.