Kentucky Health Insurance Keeping Health Care Costs Down

Many of you will look upon me as somebody who is “taking advantage” of our system. Many of you will have the unfortunate mindset that if I am are getting something for free, I must be taking it directly from you. Please be assured that i paid into the system for years and that i too wish I had made a decent income all these years. Sadly I did not.

So what finally made Obama toss the nicotine sticks? His daughters, of course! He wanted to be able to tell Malia and Sasha Obama that their papa was sans cigarettes.

If we conclude that the donations from the health care industry to Mr. Obama were not gifts, but bribes, then we are a banana republic. And if we are, then perhaps we had better rename the nation, something other than the United States of America, which implies a certain amount of ethical conduct, a willingness on the part of the inhabitants to be united, and not subjugated by a greedy despot. (I know, we had that for eight years. But we voted him out, or at least I think we did.) So, anyway, if we do need to change our name to fit the status of banana republic, perhaps we could call our nation Columbia, an historically adequate name if a little close to the name of an existing banana republic. Or maybe Christophoraguay.or Vespucciana.or Hudsonia.

That statement is a fact. At a time where our economy continues to sink and his policies are a main force behind the sinking, Obama continues to suffer from ADHD. Remember the old adage: “Its the economy stupid?” This should be Obama’s only concern in 2009.

Maybe that is what is needed, more accountability by companies, and government to the general public not just the stockholders and lobbyists. Or does it even matter, are ethics and morals obsolete?

The 60 vote cloture rule is a good check on extremism. It can’t be used for budget reconciliation because you need a budget. But Obamacare is not budget reconciliation. Even though you have the stronger team and the lead, you can’t change rules in mid-game and keep the fans. Let’s hope the Dems realize that or if they don’t, we may not need to worry about 60 Dem votes for too long.

health care reform is now teetering on the edge of total collapse. President Obama is already talking about trimming the plan way back to cover areas that both parties agree on. This means that at best we will see some weak plan that solves little or nothing. Alternatively, the entire bill may just collapse under its own immense weight and fall apart completely.

My mind spun in circles. When did everything become so out of control? In 1969, though I had no insurance, I gave birth to a daughter. The hospital bill was 0 and the doctor bill cost 0. That 0 was my entire life savings, but my baby’s father, even though I was married to him, had no money going into the marriage, so we used mine. It was a financial loss, but it was necessary and it didn’t decimate me.